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August 30, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Gait Analysis is a method used to evaluate the way we walk or run to gain insight in one’s movement pattern. If you are a big runner or walk then you probably understand how important it is to look after your feet. Sound Foot Care, PC in Smithtown Long Island can help you gain more knowledge about gait analysis and why it is beneficial.

Before understanding why gait analysis is important, it is also essential to understand what is being measured during a gait analysis. During a gait analysis a professional will measure:

  • Stride length
  • Patients step length
  • Cycle time
  • Joint angle measurements
  • Cadence

By measuring and observing your feet during a gait analysis will catch these subtle signs early and prevent an injury from worsening. Sound Foot Care, PC in Smithtown, has professionals that will measure and guide you towards successful treatment.

One major benefit of gait analysis is that it can be very helpful determining overactive/underactive muscles, and potential injuries.

Other benefits of a gait analysis include:

  • Finding the right sneaker for support
  • Reducing and preventing foot pain
  • Understanding what is best for your feet

Gait Analysis also helps many people with rehabilitation. Patients with a variety of different issues find gait analysis very beneficial. Some patients with diabetes, knee injury, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, and Hydrocephalus.Gait Analysis can also help distinguish obesity from Prater-Willi Syndrome. Children that attend rehabilitation programs at a young age reduce their risk of developing scoliosis, knock knees, hip dysplasia, osteoporosis, and patellofemoral instability later on in life.

If you live near Smithtown and would like more information on gait analysis, don’t wait and call us to book an appointment today! At Sound Foot Care, PC we can guarantee that you will leave each session feeling happier and better. We want to make sure our clients are receiving all the help they need.

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