The Benefits of Orthotics for Golf Players

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September 15, 2017
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What is the biomechanics involved in a golf swing? There are many parts of the body that come into play, but if you’re a golfer you probably know that your feet play a very important role. The feet can have a significant effect on the performance of golfers. When you go in for the swing, the foot tends to move inside the shoe – reducing the power in your swing. Correcting this problem is quite simple and can be done by simply changing your shoes. Here’s some information on how orthotics can improve your golf performance.

How It Affects Your Performance

When taking a swing, the weight of your feet shifts to the inner heel, creating movement inside the shoe. This reduces the power that would be used by your legs, shoulders, and back. This causes golfers to then generate their power from their hands, reducing their potential distance by about 20%. In addition, there are many other more visible results of improper footwear that golfers experiences, such as blisters, foot injuries, the strain on the legs, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas.

How Orthotics Can Help

Orthotics are designed to comfortably anchor the foot. This prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe, allowing you to maximize the power and distance in your swing and prevent related injuries. Studies have shown that the use of orthotics can also reduce the effects of fatigue in golfers. Orthotics can also reduce foot pain or discomfort, allowing you to feel good and keep all your focus on the game.

Picking the Best Shoe

It’s great to do some research online to compare different orthotics, but we suggest trying on orthotics before purchase. Bring your thickest pair of socks that you would wear on the golf course when trying on the shoes or insoles to make sure you have a comfortable fit.

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