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Bunion Surgery in Smithtown

Do you live in the Smithtown, New York area and feel like you have run out of options for treating the painful bony protrusion at the joint of your big toe that is more commonly known as a bunion? We at Sound Foot Care, PC would like to offer our services in putting you on the path to living a pain-free life. Our years of experience specializing in the eradication of bunion pain has given us the tools to tackle any challenge that may arise. Your feet are safe in our hands.


How do bunions occur?

So, how does our treatment process work? First, we will need to meet with you in order to learn the root cause of your bunion(s). Identifying the underlying cause of a bunion is not often as straightforward a process as it may sound, given that they are most commonly the result of some kind of genetic or congenital condition that weakens the structural integrity of the foot itself. However, ill-fitting or otherwise unsupportive footwear has been known to damage the foot to the point when bunions begin to develop. In fact, form-fitting high-heeled shoes are one of the main reasons why women tend to suffer from bunions in greater numbers than men. Incidentally, if you feel that either your footwear is putting you at advanced risk of developing bunions, or you have notice the classic symptom of your big toe beginning to turn inward and would like immediate help in preventing it from worsening, we offer a shoe analysis service that can match you with the right fit.


How does treatment work?

Once we have a firm understanding of your case, the second step in our bunion treatment process is to determine whether or not you are a candidate for bunion surgery. A patient’s need for bunion surgery is determined by a variety of factors, some of which include:

  • The high persistence of your pain, even after the more traditional methods of pain management have been exhausted.
  • The degree to which your pain limits your ability to perform everyday activities.
  • The consistent levels of inflammation and redness noticed around your big toe.
  • The unchanging stiffness of your big toe.

If surgery turns out to be the best option for you, we will do all that we can to make it as painless a procedure as possible, and then work with you to get you back on your feet quickly.


Contact us today!

Living with bunion pain for even one day is one day to many. If you are fed up with living with deformed feet that ache with such pain that you find it difficult to enjoy life, then the time has come to visit Sound Foot Care, PC for help. Make an appointment today!

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