Reducing Swelling In Your Feet & Ankles
November 30, 2018
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Custom Foot Orthotics for Police Officers
December 12, 2018

Sound Foot Care, led by our podiatrist in Smithtown Dr. Ronald Washington, provides custom foot orthotics for police officers.  If you are a police officer, it may be time to protect yourself against work-related long-term foot problems. Interestingly, in a recent study involving 122 NY police officers, customized foot soles reduced foot discomfort in 68% of participants.  Our specialist, Dr. Ronald A. Washington, has over 20 years of experience in helping the community of Smithtown.  If you are a police officer with work constantly involving being on your feet, schedule an appointment to find out more about how we can help protect your feet.


How Customized Foot Orthotics Can Help Increase Health in Police Officers

  • Orthotics help decrease fatigue throughout the day
  • Customized footwear can prevent injuries such as tendon tear, tendonitis, and fasciitis over time and can reduce the risk of bone wear and tear
  • Orthotics should be considered for all workers spending a large portion of the day walking on concrete, asphalt, or a rigid floor

It is important to have custom-fitted insoles because this will reduce the risk of pain due to poorly fitted footwear.  Ordering a custom fit requires the expertise of a podiatrist in evaluating your feet. Giving your body the extra support it needs not only benefits your feet but also the health of your spine as well.  Throughout the day, a police officer has numerous responsibilities and should not feel held back by pain or discomfort in the feet. Although custom orthotics can be extremely beneficial for many people, it does not work for everyone. Schedule an appointment with our podiatrist in Smithtown, to see if custom orthotics are right for you.

This December 2018, we are running a promotion for all first responders: Discounted Evaluations! Contact our office to learn more.

In addition to customized foot orthotics, our clinic offers an evaluation for foot neuropathy, sprain therapy, and surgery for bunions or cysts.  Customized orthotic devices are important to integrate early on before the development of Achilles tendonitis or stress fasciitis. In addition, the development of bunions and cysts can lead to infection or require surgery later on.  

For police officers especially, it is important to protect the health of the feet early on.  Contact us to set up your appointment if you are looking for a podiatrist in Smithtown.  We would be happy to provide you with customized orthotics to protect the feet for years to come.

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