How Can I Get Rid Of My Foot Cyst?

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How Can I Get Rid Of My Foot Cyst?

Experiencing the development of a cyst on the body is highly burdensome. Naturally, cysts on the feet can feel even worse, since we’re constantly on our feet and are required to use them on a daily basis. Cysts essentially give off the appearance of a fluid-like sac that swells upon certain locations of the body. The lump is usually filled with a jelly-like material, which can be exposed upon bursting. Presently, it’s unknown what catalysts lead to the development of cysts on the body. However, your local podiatrist in Smithtown can suggest several methods of treatment for helping to remove the cyst from your feet. Consider reaching out to Sound Foot Care for further assistance.


What Are The Symptoms Of A Cyst?

Ordinarily, the cyst will make its first appearance as a small bump that progressively changes size, growing larger and larger. The bump will likely be rather noticeable at first, as it can be a bit uncomfortable. Patients may even experience a burning sensation, especially if the cyst is in close proximity to a nerve. If in contact with a tendon or joint, the cyst may also give off the sensation of a dull ache or even a certain degree of pain. Irritation may also make it increasingly difficult for you to put shoes and socks on, which is an obvious symptom of the condition.


If you believe that you’ve developed a cyst on your feet, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions in order to properly identify the condition. Is the lump on your foot soft? How small is it? Most cysts are close to one to three centimeters in diameter. Is the lump presently swelling? If you’re struggling to identify whether or not you’ve developed a cyst, contact your local podiatrist in Smithtown for further assistance.


How Do I Treat The Cyst?  

By consulting with your podiatrist in Smithtown, you’ll be given a personalized treatment plan for the potential removal of the cyst itself. Treatment options may include the following methods:


  • Proper Footwear: Your podiatrist in Smithtown can suggest shoes and other footwear that will make you feel more comfortable when walking with a cyst. Promptly, use shoes that will not rub the cyst or create further irritation. Placing a pad inside the shoes to help create separation may also be beneficial.


  • Careful Monitoring: By periodically visiting your podiatrist in Smithtown, you’ll be given constant moderating for worsening symptoms. Your podiatrist may even suggest leaving the cyst alone, depending upon the severity of the condition.


  • Draining: Removing the fluid held within the cyst threw injection may also be a solid method for disposal. Consult with your podiatrist in Smithtown if you wish to pursue this option.


Reach out to the trained professionals over at Sound Foot Care for further information regarding cysts and other methods of treatment pertaining to foot-related ailments. Contact their office today for an appointment and consultation.  

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