Maintaining Foot Health for Runners
August 16, 2019
Protecting the Foot Health of Cyclists
October 17, 2019

Whether you play football, field hockey, soccer, or cross country, your fall season is here! Let’s face it, participating in any of these sports means your feet will take a beating. Consisting of over 25 bones, over 30 joints, and 19 muscles and tendons, caring for your feet is no easy task, but it is a task proven necessary. Responsible for the balance and support you need on the field, your feet are your lifeline needed for performance, so let’s start acting like it.  If you have suffered from any foot injury or pain this fall sports season, get in touch with our podiatrist in Smithtown at Sound Foot Care for information about how we can help you! 

Common Foot Ailments for Athletes

Athlete’s Foot

A fungus induced rash present on the foot, this type of fungus thrives in humid environments, like sweaty cleats. This rash is highly contagious and can be contracted through contact in the region where it resides. Contact our podiatrist in Smithtown to get treated for this condition.

Symptoms– Scaly rash, itching, burning, blisters, etc. 

Preventative Measures– Dry your cleats out after practice and games so they are not damp for your next use, do not share shoes, change socks frequently, and treat your feet with an antifungal powder. 

Turf Toe

A strain in the big toe joint. Most frequently seen in football players, turf toe happens when the toe is extended upward persistently. Athletes who participate in soccer, gymnastics, and wrestling are also at high risk to encounter turf toe.

Symptoms- Big toe immobility from severe pain and inflammation, stiffness, and tenderness

Preventative Measures- Purchase stiff cleats that disallow the big toe to have a wide range of movement and stretch out the big toe before playing by repeatedly bending the big toe upward in a slow methodical manner. 

Stress Fracture 

A stress fracture is when a small crack in the bone occurs which is different than a fracture, which is a broken bone. 

Symptoms- Like any injury, the first sign is a pain. It is common for stress fracture pain to diminish when resting, but arising when doing activities. Swelling on the top and side of the foot is also common. Tenderness and bruising are commonly experienced as well.

Preventative Measures- Consume calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones, make sure your cleats are in proper working condition and can absorb the running surface, and engage in low impact exercises to build strength around the ankle.

Universal Intercepts for Unhealthy Feet

Foot injuries are a reality that is inevitable in sports in which you should see a podiatrist in Smithtown at Sound Foot Care. Although this is true, there are ways you can intercept foot complications. They include:

  • Wear proper fitting footwear
  • Stretch
  • Strength train
  • Trim your toenails 
  • Utilize anti-fungal spray
  • Purchase shoe insoles 

About Sound Foot Care

Our podiatrist in Smithtown has diagnosed and treated countless athletes. With over 35 years of experience, our doctors will put you in a position to not only recover but also to excel. With our use of incredible technology and modern podiatry knowledge, you will leave our office with techniques on how to avoid future injuries and complications. At Sound Foot Care, we don’t exercise cookie-cutter treatment. Rather, we formulate a custom-tailored plan to get you back to competing as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are seeking a podiatrist in Smithtown who will treat you, educate you, and guide you, give us a call at (631) 360-3344.

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