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podiatrist near Smithtown

podiatrist near Smithtown

The newest trend in post-surgical physical therapy treatment is the ever-effective MLS Laser Therapy. This innovative recovery plan incorporates the latest in laser technology to provide patients with the fastest and most pain-free alternative when it comes to healing. The therapy has been FDA approved since 2002 and is currently featured in the most advanced medical practices nationwide. In addition, professional sports teams have even been subject to taking advantage of MLS Laser Therapy’s convenience as well.

At Sound Foot Care located in Smithtown, NY, we consider ourselves pioneers when it comes to surgical and postoperative care techniques. That being said, we are proud to announce that Sound Foot Care has been selected as one of the first podiatry practices in the country to implement MLS Laser Therapy into our healthcare.  

MLS Laser Therapy- or Multi-Wave Locked System Laser Therapy- is used to accelerate the overall healing process by promoting the following health benefits:

  •    Reduce associated pain from surgery
  •    Reduce inflammation and swelling
  •    Reduce the chance of scar tissue formation

The effectiveness of the MLS Laser Surgery has been documented in over 3,000 studies conducted over the past three decades. What makes the technology so revolutionary is the classification of the laser being used. The device uses a Class IV laser that emits two rays simultaneously. Each laser has a contrasting wavelength which allows the treatment to address two separate and vital conditions commonly left behind by previous surgical procedures. The lasers’ nanometer ratings classify them under the infrared spectrum, making them invisible to the eye and unable to generate heat. The 808 nanometer laser treats inflammation and is longer lasting when compared to its 905 nanometer counterpart which embodies a fast acting nature to alleviate the pain.  

The dual wavelengths penetrate the skin 3-5cm deep to interact with the body on a microscopic level and deliver its benefits. The light energy enters the damaged cells, expels toxins, and stimulates healthy intracellular activity. This energy also blocks the pain signal transmitters and releases endorphins for natural pain relief. While the laser is present, it also energizes the mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell to kick-start the regeneration.

Undergoing MLS Laser Therapy takes approximately 10 minutes per session over the course of 6 appointments. Since the laser therapy is comparable to an antibiotic, the treatment is cumulative so it’s important for the patient to follow up on each visit. Contact the professionals at Sound Foot Care in Smithtown, NY to properly address any concerns or questions about the future postoperative care.