Reducing Swelling In Your Feet & Ankles

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Reducing Swelling In Your Feet & Ankles

When it comes to foot pain, few cases are more painful/uncomfortable than swelling within both the feet & ankles. Unfortunately, this condition is rather common as we constantly use our feet each and every day. Swollen feet/ankles are one of the most bothersome complications that can occur for any patient who suffers from discomfort in the lower extremities. Thankfully, your local podiatrist near Hauppauge over at Sound Foot Care can utilize several different remedies in order to assist the issue and help reduce swelling. If you’re thinking about other treatment options, consider pursuing unique at-home remedies for your condition. Otherwise, it’s imperative that you get a strong understanding of what could be stimulating this swelling.  


What Could Be Causing The Swelling?

Ordinarily, swollen feet are considered a temporary condition and often can be managed with precise care and plenty of rest. However, taking preventive measures in order to abstain from having swelling occur is naturally the best option for you to apply. With that being said, here are some potential catalysts for the development of swelling in the feet/ankles:



  • Injuries: Obviously, broken bones and other serious conditions will likely make you susceptible to experiencing swelling within the feet/ankle areas. If you’ve suffered a harsh injury, remember to contact your local podiatrist near Hauppauge for potential treatment options.



  • Warm Weather: Perhaps not much of an issue during this time of year, but warm weather can also contribute to the swelling of this part of the body. The development of this is stimulated by your bodies natural ability to cool itself down. Because of this process, your veins will need to expand, forcing fluids to enter tissues in close proximity. Fluid building up in the ankles/feet will likely create swelling.  


  • Drinking Alcohol: Naturally, consuming alcohol forces our bodies to retain more water, acting as a potential stimulant for swollen ankles. Alarmingly, if you’re a frequent alcohol drinker, this may be a potential warning sign for more serious conditions developing within the body.


How Do I Reduce Swelling Caused By These Conditions?

Experiencing these complications often fills us with immense discomfort and forces us to seek out immediate treatment. We may even potentially consider the benefits of at-home remedies. Consulting with a podiatrist near Hauppauge is an outstanding resource for giving you the treatment that you need to get back on your feet. Your local podiatrist near Hauppauge may recommend the following treatment options:


  • Limiting your intake of alcohol, along with salt which can serve as a catalyst for swelling as well. Inversely, consider drinking plenty of water in order to help keep your body hydrated and potentially protected from swelling.


  • Consider options that’ll make you feel exponentially comfortable. This can include periodically soaking your feet in cold water or wearing shoes that allow your feet to breathe more easily. Speaking of shoes, your podiatrist near Hauppauge can recommend adequate shoes that will keep your feet feeling great.


  • Finally, treating your ankles through resting them is an ideal treatment option. Consider lying down with your legs elevated in a comfortable position. Unfortunately, some of us may not have enough time to rest due to work and other obligations. However, it is certainly a premium option for treating swelling.

Remember to reach out to your local podiatrist near Hauppauge for treatment options for swelling and other ailments that you may be suffering in the feet/ankles. Contact the office of Sound Foot Care for an appointment and consultation.

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