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At Sound Foot Care PC located in Smithtown, New York, we are committed to providing you with the compassionate and personal care you deserve. In addition to treatment, we believe that education is a crucial part of the healing process. That’s why our staff is always available to answer any question you may have. Our hope is that when you leave us, you will have the confidence and ability to resume your daily activities that your condition prevented you from doing. If you are unable to see us during normal business hours, our office is open for night-time appointments. Visit our Smithtown Podiatrist today!

Our staff’s experience with performing a variety of different foot procedures and maintenance means that you will be well on your way to recovery and resume normal activities. With many types of orthotics and surgeries available, our doctor will help guide you to the best plan tailored just for you. For more information or to make an appointment at our Smithtown office, call us at 631.360.3344. We look forward to working with you!

podiatrist near Smithtown

Podiatrist in Smithtown

podiatrist near Smithtown

Podiatrist in Smithtown
Podiatrist in Smithtown

At Sound Foot Care, PC, our number one priority as Smithtown Podiatrist is that each patient receives the expert care they deserve. That means being comfortable with each part of their treatment. Our Suffolk County staff has the experience to help treat patients with foot conditions with a variety of successful techniques. To learn more about the services we offer our patients, check out our services page. Leading our team at Sound Foot Care, PC is Ronald A. Washington, a podiatrist located in Smithtown, New York.  With over 20 years of treating patients in Suffolk County, he has earned the trust of the local Smithtown community when they need help getting back on their feet.

At Sound Foot Care, PC located in Smithtown, we use a variety of different techniques and services to help our patients get back on their feet.  We take customer care very seriously which is why we provide each patient with the highest level of professionalism.  We ensure our patients are familiar and comfortable with all procedures by going through each step of the process with them. We believe that a comfortable patient is an educated one which is why we teach them preventative measures to avoid another flare-up.

Serving the communities of Smithtown, Commack, Kings Park, East Northport, Northport, and Nesconset, Dr. Ronald A. Washington values the importance of providing each patient with a personalized treatment plan.

Below are just some of the services offered. If you have a question about one of the services listed below, call 631.360.3344

  • On-site Digital X-rays
  • Children’s Foot Care
    • Custom orthotics
    • Ingrown nails, infections
  • Foot Surgery
    • Bunion surgery
    • Cyst surgery
    • Fractures and Sprains
    • Reconstructive surgery
    • Surgery for arthritic conditions
    • Surgery for ingrown nails and warts
  • Diabetic Foot Care and Wound Care
  • Hospital & Office Surgery
  • Podiatric Sports Medicine
    • Rehabilitation programs
    • Shoe analysis and therapy
    • Sprain Therapy
  • Orthotic Therapy
    • Gait Analysis
    • Orthopedic consulting
  • Preventive Foot Care

Diabetic Wound Care Treatment in Smithtown


For those living with diabetes, a foot wound as mild as a blister can turn into something very serious. How? Diabetes causes complications in the body that increase the risk of infection and delay healing of mild wounds like cuts, scrapes, blisters, or calluses. It is crucial for diabetics to be aware of the risks of foot wounds and effective diabetic wound care.

A foot wound that doesn’t heal can become an open wound, or sore. Complications with foot wounds can occur easily in diabetics as a result of neuropathy, or nerve damage (in which patients cannot feel the wound and aren’t aware of it), narrowing of the blood vessels which restricts blood flow to the feet, or a weakened immune system. An open wound that is not healing properly can become infected. Once a wound is detected, it is vital that proper diabetic wound care is undertaken, as serious infections in diabetics can lead to hospitalization, and in worst-case scenarios, even amputation.

To care for a foot wound, clean it with water, and after drying it completely, apply antibacterial ointment and cover it with a bandage or dressing recommended by your doctor. Iodine, soap, or other disinfecting agents may irritate the wound. The wound must be cleaned, changed, and monitored daily for signs of infection. It’s vital to see a doctor immediately if the wound shows redness or swelling or if you suspect it’s infected. To further promote healing and lower risk of infection, patients should keep weight off of the affected foot and monitor their blood glucose levels closely. If an infection is detected, you may be prescribed antibiotics. Diabetic wound care should be started as soon as possible to prevent infection and promote healing.

In some cases, foot wound infections may become more severe or simply won’t heal. In these cases, surgical treatment may be necessary. Some patients choose preventative surgery that relieves pressure and thus lowers the risk of wound infections. Other surgical methods may be necessary once an infection is detected. Click here to learn more about an effective method is known as ultrasonic debridement in which dead tissue is selectively removed from wounds.

Proper diabetic wound care is vital for diabetics. It is important to check your feet daily and to initiate care as soon as possible. Additionally, early medical attention greatly improves the chance of healing and recovery. If you have diabetes and are suffering from a foot wound, or are concerned about being at risk, Sound Foot Care in Smithtown, New York can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for expert care from our experienced team.

Podiatrist in Smithtown
Podiatrist in Smithtown

Onsite Digital X-Ray in Smithtown, New York


When you sustain an injury to your foot, receiving the correct diagnosis is crucial. After all, you wouldn’t want to cause further damage by treating your condition incorrectly. This is why Smithtown podiatrists use x-rays so they can know for sure what their patient has. This test will provide you with the evidence of why you are experiencing certain symptoms and to make sure a broken bone has been put back in place. Before you get an x-ray, it would be helpful to know what entails.


An x-ray is when a small amount of radiation is used to create an image of the foot. This image will show you how the bones and soft tissues in the foot are being affected by your condition. To ensure accuracy, your Smithtown podiatrist will take three images at different positions. Your podiatrist will take a picture of the front of your foot, the side of your foot and the oblique view which is your foot at an angle. Now that you know what this exam will consist of, it is also important for you to know why you are getting an x-ray.


Utilizing an x-ray, your doctor will deduce that you have a certain condition based on an initial evaluation. If you are experiencing pain in your foot, for example, an x-ray will reveal the reason why. In addition to finding the reason behind an injury, this test can also determine if you have a cyst or tumor in your foot. While it is common to have an x-ray done at a hospital or another off-site location, many Suffolk County podiatrists offer the convenience of conducting this exam onsite including Sound Foot Care in Smithtown, New York.


If you have a foot condition or injury that requires an x-ray, Sound Foot Care, PC can help. By having an x-ray machine on site, we are able to show you why you have certain symptoms and how we can treat them. To make an appointment at our Smithtown Office, call us at (631) 360-3344. We look forward to seeing you soon!  

Children Foot Care in Smithtown, New York


Children, like adults, sometimes have orthopedic conditions that need to be treated by professionals. Some children are born with, and others they develop in their early growth periods. It’s important to remember that many orthopedic conditions are fairly common, and most conditions can be easily treated if promptly diagnosed. If you notice any abnormality in your child’s foot or ankle, or in the way that they walk, consult your Smithtown podiatrist immediately. There are several conditions that a child may have, and it’s important to begin treatment right away. Our Smithtown Podiatrist can provide you with the help you need for your condition. 


One of the conditions that require more treatment than others is clubfoot. Clubfoot describes any unusual positions of the child’s foot. It can be detected while in the womb through an ultrasound and is easily visible once the baby is born. The affected foot is usually smaller than normal and may point down or turn in towards the other foot. It’s important to begin treatment right away to ensure that the foot is strong when the child begins to walk. The orthopedist will move the foot to the most normal position, then immobilize it for 1-2 weeks. This is repeated for 2-4 months, slowly moving the foot closer to a normal resting position.


Like clubfoot, pigeon toes, or intoeing is the condition that causes the child’s toes to turn in while walking or running. Symptoms are seen at birth or shortly after. The child’s feet will be turned inward even at rest, but not as dramatically as clubfoot. It may not be obvious until the child begins to walk, becoming noticeable at age 3 and obvious by age 5 or 6. In most cases, children outgrow the problem. In serious cases, casts will be placed on their feet to help correct alignment.


Ingrown toenails are also fairly common in children. An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail grows into the skin instead of over it. The nail going into the skin will cause pain, especially when wearing tight fitting shoes. If it goes untreated, an ingrown toenail can become infected causing the toe to become swollen and red, sometimes draining pus. A minor surgery is all that’s required for treatment. The doctor will numb the child’s toe, then make an incision at the edge of the ingrown nail and remove it.


If you live in the Smithtown area and believe your child may have a foot and ankle condition, please contact us for any questions or to schedule an appointment. We offer custom orthotics and other treatment options to get your child back on the right foot.

Podiatrist in Smithtown
Podiatrist in Smithtown

Foot Surgery in Smithtown, New York

If you are looking for a foot surgeon in Suffolk County, look no further than Sound Foot Care. Whether you need bunion surgery, cyst surgery, surgery for ankle fractures and sprains, surgery for foot fractures and sprains, reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle, surgery for arthritic conditions, surgery for ingrown nails and warts, Dr. Ronald Washington can help you.


Podiatric Sports Medicine in Smithtown, New York

Staying active is great for the mind and body, but it sometimes can come at a cost. Accidents happen as well as wear and tear over time. Here at Sound Foot Care located in Suffolk County, our foot specialist, Dr. Ronald Washington can treat a wide variety of sports injuries of the foot and ankle.


Through various foot and ankle rehabilitation programs at our Suffolk County office, the staff of Sound Foot Care provides in-session rehabilitation that will help improve strength, flexibility, and mobility of the foot and ankle region over time.
In addition, we offer services in shoe analysis and therapy that can help better understand if your shoes are to blame for your injury as well as what types of shoes would be most beneficial towards your sport, body type, and more.

Orthotic Therapy From a Smithtown Podiatrist

Orthotics are used for not only injury rehabilitation but prevention. Orthotics can range between specialized shoe soles, custom-made heels, and leg braces. The purpose of orthotics is to assist people who have a condition that interferes with movements like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and more! Creating special shoe soles is important for people with living with various ailments including plantar fasciitis, Charcot foot, or bunions as well as those whose condition prevents them from walking straight. With an orthosis, someone with this issue can correct their gait and straighten their foot. Even minor joint and muscle issues can be corrected through orthotics.
At Sound Foot Care located in Smithtown, we offer orthotic services that will help you feel your best in no time.

Podiatrist in Smithtown

Preventative Foot Care in Smithtown, New York

Often times, people will pay attention to their feet if there is a problem whether it be toenail fungus, foot pains or aches, or blisters. It is equally important to care for your feet in good times and in bad because prevention can be key,

Your feet should get just as much attention as the rest of your body. Just as often as you cleanse other areas, you should be directly cleansing your feet with soap. Don’t forget to apply a foot scrub 1-2 times per week also to help get rid of dead skin cells as well as help maintain a soft texture. After you shower or bathe, applying moisturizer to wet skin is optimal for absorption. Keeping your feet clean and healthy will help stave off issues like cracked heels that may bleed or fungal infections.

Another important area to regularly maintain is your toenails. Keeping your toenails trimmed but not too short will help you prevent ingrown toenails as well as the potential for infection. Also, long toenails can be a hazard in that they can easily snap and rip which can also lead to infection. It is important that if you have an ingrown toenail or other infection, to contact your Smithtown Podiatrist.

You will want to examine is your heels and soles of your feet. Because your feet take the brunt of your daily movement, your heels and feet are prone to blisters and calluses. This is particularly prevalent for those wearing improper footwear. You will want to take care of any blisters or cuts with topical antibacterial treatment and a band aid to prevent further injury.

If you notice anything unusual, it is important to seek assistance from a Smithtown podiatrist. Issues like plantar warts or athlete’s foot is painful and prevalent and will require medical attention.

Patient Center

At our online patient center, you will be able to complete the necessary paperwork in the comfort of your own home. By filling out these forms before your first appointment, you won’t need to use the beginning of your appointment to make the necessary signatures. In all, you will need to fill out four different forms before seeing the doctor. At Sound Foot Care in Smithtown, we are pleased to announce that we accept most insurance carriers. However, we still encourage you to contact health insurance provider to be certain.

For our patient registration form, you will need to inform us of general information about yourself such as your name and address. We will also need your insurance information as well as an emergency contact. Our patient medical info form consists of documenting any conditions or allergies you may have. The new patient registration forms let us know why you are coming to see us today. This helps us make an initial diagnosis and start to create a treatment plan for you. When you sign our privacy policy, this means that you understand how you can access your medical information and how Sound Foot Care, PC located in Smithtown, New York will use it.

Podiatrist in Smithtown