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Are your someone who has experienced an ingrown toenail? It is a common condition that many people have experienced, but the severity of it differs for different people.   For some, an ingrown toenail can be taken care of by simply clipping the nail, but for others, it can get to a point where surgery is needed. Our podiatrist in Smithtown and our team of committed podiatrists are eager in providing you with the compassionate and personal care you need.

What causes them to occur?  

An ingrown toenail happens when the edges of your nail grows into the outer skin surrounding the nail.  It is common for older people to have a higher risk of getting an ingrown toenail because your toenails thicken with age.  People who have sweaty feet also have a higher risk of getting one. Some things that may cause an ingrown toenail includes:


  •      Irregular or curved toenails
  •      Footwear that is too tight, flat or narrow and places a lot of pressure on your big toes.
  •      Incorrectly cutting your toenails. Such as cutting them straight across rather than angling the ends.
  •      Improper foot hygiene.
  •      Poor posture


It is important to be aware of the causes to prevent yourself from getting an ingrown toenail.  Some symptoms our podiatrist in Smithtown would like you to be aware of include the outer skin surrounding your nail becoming swollen, tender, or hard. As well as pain when pressure is applied and built up fluid surrounding the nail. We stress the importance of recognizing these symptoms and treating them to avoid worsening symptoms.

If your symptoms were to have worsened you may experience pain, bleeding, redness and swelling around the toenail. Our podiatrist in Smithtown and our team of dedicated podiatrists use a variety of different techniques and services to help your foot complications. One of our services includes a surgical option for ingrown toenails. If you are in the early stages of ingrown toenail symptoms, treat it early before it can worsen.


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