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Winter Sports Injuries

It’s wintertime and that means, for some people, it’s time to bundle up and sit by the warm fire. For others craving adventure, it’s time to bundle up and hit the slopes. Wintertime can entertain a variety of different sports including snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey, and even sledding. But be cautious, because these fun activities can be known to cause injuries. When a winter sports injury occurs, our foot doctor in Smithtown, NY at Sound Foot Care will be there to help. Be aware of the most common injuries and how to prevent them from happening to you.

Common winter injuries


  • Ankle strains, sprains, and fractures – A twist or roll of the ankle can be a common occurrence while playing winter sports. Snowboarders and ice skaters are prone to ankle sprains because they use ankle movements to navigate them through their sport. Our foot doctor in Smithtown, NY can help treat a foot injury.


  • Frostbite – Anyone playing a winter sport is at risk of getting some type of frostbite. Skiers, snowboarders, or even sledders should take the necessary precautions to avoid getting frostbite. Some steps you can take are bringing toe-warmers or putting an extra layer of clothing before going out.


  • Bruising and Muscle Strains – If you’re not careful, you may collide into objects or other people while partaking in your winter sport of choice. With slippery ice and snow, all winter enthusiasts are prone to bruising and muscle strains.


  • Shoulder Dislocations – Breaking yourself from a fall can result in a shoulder dislocation. This can occur in any winter sport.


Prevention and Safety Tips

Don’t let the possibility of getting an injury stop you from shredding the slopes or ice skating with your loved ones. Take these preventative measures into consideration before heading out in the snow:


  • Wear proper protective equipment for your designated sport. For example, goggles, knee pads, helmets, etc.
  • While sledding, make sure you are sitting up, face-forward with a clear path to sled down.
  • Stretch beforehand to warm up your muscles to avoid strains.
  • Wear clothing that is warm, but allows for easy movement.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the activity.
  • Take regular breaks and don’t “overdo it” to decrease the chance of injury.


If you have followed these preventative measures, and still sustained an injury, contact our foot doctor in Smithtown, NY for assistance. Sound Foot Care doctors offer a wide variety of treatments to get you back on your feet so you can participate in the winter sports you love.

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