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February 2, 2018
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Treatment For Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation that can cause pain and stiffness in any joint of the body. It is commonly found in the foot and ankle joints. Having arthritis in the foot and ankle can make it difficult to complete tasks, such as walking or performing in activities you may enjoy. If you suffer from this condition, our podiatrist, Dr. Ronald Washington, here at Sound Foot Care in Commack is experienced and eager to help you. We offer many podiatric services as well as surgical procedures for your specific needs.


Common Surgeries

Depending on the severity and the condition of arthritis, there are different types of surgery that may be required for the treatment process. One of the most common surgical procedures for arthritis of the foot and ankle pain is arthroscopic debridement. This surgery is beneficial during the early stages of arthritis. During this procedure, the doctor will remove loose cartilage, and inflamed tissue at the joint. The surgeon inserts a small camera inside the joint, and watching through a screen, will use small instruments to make incisions. During the recovery phase of this surgery, it is required to wear a supportive boot to protect the incision and properly support the ankle.  

Another common surgery for foot and ankle arthritis is joint fusion, which is also known as arthrodesis. During this procedure, the surgeon will scrape away the damaged cartilage from the joint, which will allow the bones to fuse together. This fusion will cause the bones to become one solid bone which will lessen the pain. During recovery, you may need to wear a cast or brace, and afterward, your doctor might prescribe you physical therapy.  Foot surgery can be complicated and painful, and recovery can sometimes take a long time. We allow our patient to heal comfortably and provide them with personalized treatment plans.


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At Sound Foot Care in Commack, our podiatrist provides our patients with the specific services and techniques that best fit their needs. We provide post-surgical treatment as well, such as physical and home remedies that will help with the recovery and healing process. Here at Sound Foot Care in Commack, we care for every patient and provide the highest level of professionalism for each individual patient.

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