Ways To Prevent Foot Injury

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Ways To Prevent Foot Injury

There are many different types of injuries that stem from the foot, whether it be sports related, injuries that come with age like arthritis, or just a general stress fracture from overuse. Our podiatrist in Suffolk County believes that there are important steps you should take to help avoid foot injuries. Below you can find some common injuries many people experience with their feet and ways to help prevent them from occurring.


  • Plantar fasciitis – is a stabbing or dull pain in the heel or arch of the foot, a common injury among runners. Some ways to prevent this injury from occurring is to:
  • Be aware of your surroundings– running or training on uneven surfaces increases the likelihood of injury. Avoid running on obstructed terrain or trails with loose debris. Avoid running uphill and downhill as well in order to reduce the amount of impact on your feet.
  • Sprains – occur when the foot rolls outward and the ankle rolls inward, damaging the ligaments on the inside of the ankle making the ankle feel stiff and swollen. Some ways to prevent this injury from occurring is to:
  • Avoid exercising or playing sports when tired or in pain.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet to keep bones and muscles strong.
  • Stress Fractures – are tiny “cracks” in the bone where the affected area usually feels painful and tender. Prevent stress fractures from occurring by:
  • Gradually increasing intensive workout plans.
  • Avoid playing on hard surfaces.


Other ways our podiatrist in Suffolk County recommends to prevent foot injuries are:

  • Start Slow – if you don’t regularly participate in sports or maintain a consistent fitness routine it is important to start off slow and then gradually increase your activity level. Without doing this you will be placing a lot of stress on the tight, unconditioned muscles in your feet making it more likely to sustain a sprain, strain, or stress fracture.
  • Protect Your Feet – wear footwear that corresponds with the activity you are taking part in. The correct shoe will provide the proper support and comfort needed. This will help prevent injuries like sprains, stress fractures, and tendinitis. Also, remember to replace shoes once you see the heel is starting to wear down in order to prevent injury.  


It is also very important to strengthen the muscles around the foot and ankle to prevent injuries from occurring. Here are some exercises you can do to prevent foot injuries from taking place:

  • Heel and Toe Walks start by walking on your heels for one minute, then switch and walk on your toes for one minute.
  • Calf Drops – stand on a step and push up with both feet doing a calf raise. Then lift one leg off the step and lower your other leg so that your heel drops below the step switching feet.  


If you have suffered a foot injury or would like more information on how to help avoid them from happening, contact our podiatrist in Suffolk County Dr. Ronald A. Washington today!  

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