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Podiatrist in Smithtown

With so much walking around to be done each day, taking good care of your feet should always be a top priority.  Since they bear the brunt of your body weight, any issues that take place with them can be detrimental to your quality of life. If you’ve noticed you become plagued with foot cramps, our team at Sound Foot Care will be there to help. Our podiatrist in Smithtown is well-versed in the causes of foot cramps, as well as how they can be treated.


What Are Cramps?

Your feet are made up of an intricate network of muscles, ligaments, and bones that work together to allow for this area to carry your body weight. Cramps are issues that affect your muscles, and they are not just limited to your feet. This type of issue takes place when the muscles in your feet involuntarily contract and tighten up. Though they tend not to cause long term damage, muscle cramps can be extremely painful and render the muscle being affected useless until the issue has subsided.


What Causes Foot Cramps?

Our podiatrist in Smithtown wants to warn that there are a variety of situations that can lead to foot cramps. No matter the cause, the result will be painful and may leave you unable to walk for some time. Fortunately, we’ll be able to help no matter the cause. Should you begin to develop frequent foot cramps, it could be due to any of the below:


  • Wearing shoes that fit too tight.
  • Dehydration.
  • Low potassium levels.
  • Overexerting your feet.
  • Nerve damage.


Correcting The Problem

Trying to move around with foot cramps can quickly prove to be an impossible task. No one should feel the need to live in constant fear of cramps. That is why our podiatrist in Smithtown is committed to helping you correct the problem. After evaluating what the root cause of your foot cramps are, below are examples of how it can be corrected:

  • Wearing the proper shoe size.
  • Taking in more water or nutrients.
  • Wearing supportive braces or orthotic inserts when being physically active.
  • Prescription-strength medication.


Schedule An Appointment 

Those who experience foot cramps now and again need not concern too much, as they can be a natural part of life. However, if these cramps are frequent and debilitating, it’s best to get the issue checked out by our team at Sound Foot Care. By working with a skilled podiatrist in Smithtown, you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of eliminating the issue once and for all. To schedule an appointment and take the first step in being pain-free, contact us today.

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