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Winter Footwear

With the winter months approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the season by stocking up on the correct footwear. Wearing proper footwear could prevent injuries, keep you warm and help you to perform your best through any winter obstacle. If you feel you might need more assistance in preparing you for the colder months and are looking for a local Smithtown podiatrist, contact us today! If you only need information on our highly recommended shoes for the season, please read on.


For any day where you might be spent walking through town, you should check out these shoes. The Men’s Canard Mid Waterproof Leather Boots waterproof boots are low-rise making it easy to wear these shoes every day. They are guaranteed to give you plenty of grip on any surface and keep your feet warm, dry, and supported throughout the whole winter season. Women can reap similar benefits with the low-rise, insulated, waterproof chukka boots. The Timberland Mt. Hayes Waterproof Chukka Boots are designed to give major traction, support, and style.

Men’s Canard Mid Waterproof Leather Boots



Women’s Mt. Hayes Waterproof Chukka Boots



For the serious snow days where you find yourself needing a more heavy-duty boot, consider these pairs. The Men’s Wolverine Vortex BOA Winter Boots are made with advanced designing to fight fatigue, grip slippery ice and provide serious insulation. The boot is ideal for extra support needed during winter activities. The Women’s Timerland Leighland Pull-on Waterproof Boots are made with L7 lugg for durable traction. The outside of the boot is breathable and waterproof to keep your feet warm.



Men’s Wolverine Vortex BOA Winter Boots

Women’s Leighland Pull-on Waterproof Boots




For those who stick to their morning runs year-round, these sneakers will be necessary for the months to come. The Men’s Adidas Response Trail Shoes offer stability, boost comfort, breathable cushioning and grip that’s ideal for various types of terrain. The Under Armour Women’s STC Trail Running Shoes will give you breathable and durable performance and protection. The shoe offers high traction for all types of terrain as well as support and comfort.


Adidas Response Trail Shoes 


Under Armour Women’s STC Trail Running Shoes


Think you’re ready to start purchasing some great footwear? These are just some of the many great winter shoes available to provide you traction and support in the years to come! If you have any further questions and are looking to speak with a Smithtown podiatrist, contact Sound Foot Care to make an appointment today!


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